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Shopon hossin
Jul 06, 2022
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In order to have a perspective Country Email List of Putin's ideas about the Russian Revolution, it is indeed convenient to observe his opinions in the debates in the face of the celebrations of the centenary of the Revolution – celebrations that ultimately Country Email List did not take place. In that context of 2017, Putin said that for sure Lenin had done some good things, but that there were negative aspects that were very clearly remarkable for him. He Country Email List defined him, plain and simple, as a destroyer of nations. In this context, he launched his favorite Country Email List criticism of Lenin, considering as one of his worst measures the granting of the right of secession to the republics of the ussr . Putin called it "a ticking time bomb." This is a device that, of course, none Country Email List of the republics used for 70 years, until they finally did. In contrast to his gaze on Lenin, Putin sees Stalin as a nation builder. And nation-building is something for which Putin has enormous sympathy. He feels that he is dedicated to it. He thinks of his own role as that of the man Country Email List who is on a mission to build a nation after strong upheaval that has produced great erosion and unrest within society. It is in this sense that he admires Country Email List Stalin. Several scholars have suggested that, on issues such as the treatment of Ukraine, Putin traces his perspective back to the time of the 18th- century consolidation of Russian control Country Email List over those then-Russian lands that are now part of Ukraine. Simon Montefiore claims that Putin has read his book on Catherine the Great and the creation of Great Russia5and that he would like to place Country Email List himself in the tradition of Russian nation- and empire-builders, beginning with Peter the Great and continuing through Catherine.
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Shopon hossin

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